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Martin Montesano brings years of metal fabrication and mechanical expertise to life as master creator Moltensteelman. He built The Walking Beast to explore his fascination with robots and walking machines and he has expanded that vision to include new mech creatures and flame effects. Martin works hard, dreams constantly and spends many hours on research and experimentation before taking tools in hand to create a project.


Anne Petersonis an artist who makes things and makes things happen. She specializes in the design and creation of unusual objects and she is the co-creator of the Flamboni, the SARP-10, and the Super Sit and Spewww!!!!!  Anne handles studio publicity and fire safety, keeps an eye on project timelines, and works in the studio doing fabrication and finishing.  Her drawing board has a couple of new flame effects projects on it.



The Moltensteelman Crew puts the power in build efforts and quite literally keeps the show on the road. Special thanks to Jon Weatherly, Jessica Blasch, Galen Stevens, Andrew Hanson, Jeffrey Cheek, Cathy Komlofske, Hope Allen, Don Allen, Dave Harris and Lou Peterson, who have shared their talents, time and expertise to help with lighting and wiring, mechanics, hauling and operating equipment, assembling many projects, fundraising and publicity, photography and videography, answering questions from the public and helping to keep us fed and relatively sane




Special Thanks To:

The late Joe Klann deserves extra thanks for inventing the patented six-bar linage system used in The Walking Beast. His advice during the early years of design and construction, and his encouragement and support are very much appreciated.



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