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It seems that some of us always need a few side projects to keep the creative juices flowing. Here are some interesting Moltensteelman creations, made for personal use and just for fun.

Martin couldn’t wait to try out his new Mig-21 Fishbed engine in May 2005


Martin and Anne built the Sleep and Retreat Pod (SARP) in 2010 so they could rest in sound-reduced and air conditioned comfort
in a variety of environments. Carried by trailer, it is moved into place on modified snow blower tracks that are fitted with electric
actuators for leveling.
SARP-10 fuselage during construction


Brushed chrome vents move fresh air to the SARP-10 sleeping chamber


Insulating panels were fitted inside custom designed frame


Frame adds rigid support to fuselage


The shell of the SARP-10 is made of thin aluminum sheeting around a frame shaped to provide sleeping room for two. Insulating
and sound dampening materials are applied inside to increase comfort and significantly reduce the sound heard within the chamber.


Anne trimming sound dampening material around window holes


Martin setting up fan for ventilation while gluing interior panels


The HVAC system shown ready for installation


HVAC ducting was made from sheet aluminum


The fully insulated HVAC system was carefully engineered to fit in the nose of the ship


A room air conditioner was modified with insulation and duct mufflers to reduce noise. Filtered air enters under the nose of the ship,
and is then cooled and circulated through the sleeping chamber. The top duct releases air to outside vents.
The SARP-10 is a work in progress. Side wings that detach for transport will be added to accommodate ice chests and gear.  A dorsal fin, LED lighting and a few more finishing touches will give SARP-10 the look of a futuristic space transport ship.


Finished SARP-10 as shown in concept drawing

Super Sit and Speww
This is what happens when you make an adult-sized version of a classic kidís toy. Itís really fun to sit on the bar stools and use human power to rotate around a multicolored table top. The secret inside is a super slippery thrust bearing that lets this thing get going really fast. Winner is the last one sitting upright!
Building the frame for Super Sit and Speww!


The strong frame takes a lot of weight


The crew playing with the Super Sit and Speww!
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